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Helping Women Know They Are Loved So They Can Live Out Their Unique Purpose


Welcome to My Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

(A Brief First Acquaintance and What You Can Expect)

Hi, there. I’m Renée and I have a tale or two to tell.

I hated my name growing up. Seriously. Thought it was better suited for an ‘old-fashioned’ lady of sorts. It means born again. Here I am today…rejoicing in my rebirth; a lover of God and all things yesteryear. It’s ironic, don’t you think? There’s a mysterious force behind names.

I’m a diversified business woman; a real estate agent and investor, a writer, a speaker, and a life and business coach striving to create change that causes miracles in the lives of others. While I’ve been successful myself, helping others achieve success brings me greater joy.

The main purpose of my writing, speaking and coaching is to help people crazy enough to think they can change the world do just that. I believe it is our duty and responsibility to use all God has given for a purpose.  Through different avenues, I’m fighting the good fight to help women become set free to boldly live out their unique calling–without shame or apology, but always with love–so that they can finally LIVE truly alive while creating the impact they were born to make for God and humans, once and for all. In the name of love!

I’m on a serious MISSION to tell the world the truth about limitless love, eternal life and infinite freedom that can only be found through Jesus Christ. I live to serve God and humans wholeheartedly by using my talents, gifts, resources and influence for Heaven and earth through messages of faith, hope and love; Until my last breath.

Here you will find a glimpse of who I am and what you can expect from me. This page is my space of grace, a place of peaceful solitude amongst the unknown; the quiet corner I searched for my whole life. One can envision how wonderful it feels to have attained the life you’ve always longed for, especially if you’ve suffered as long and hard as I have.

It’s better than anything I could have ever conjured up.

It makes everything worth it.

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On this blog I share my insights on spirituality, life and business. I do such with this dream in my heart that it will help you become the most peaceful, loved and joyful person you know. And then; You will be a magnificent spark ready and willing to ignite the same flame in the heart of others every chance you get. Like a brilliant wild fire too fierce to be contained.

Because I wholeheartedly believe in the occurrence of chain reactions.

Because I look around and see a world privately dying from feelings of being unloved, unwanted and lonely. Feelings that whisper lies to us. Feelings familiar to me.

But it is not enough to see. We must do.

We must be willing to fight the good fight of faith every waking moment. We must be willing to live out our purpose as though our life depended upon it.

For most of my life I kept a secret. Tucked away in the depths of my soul–where it was safe–it remained hidden. Sure. I tried asking for help, but I learned very young that the world is not always waiting with open arms. My knight in shining armor and prince charming was nowhere to be found, despite what fairy tales may have led us to believe. And sometimes, the ones we’re supposed to be able to trust, are the very people who hurt us the most. I vowed to never again share the hole in my heart that led me to contemplate thoughts of suicide from the age of 10 to 34.

So, I chose to silently suffer while chasing success.

Yes, 24 long. Lonesome. Difficult years, until it nearly killed me.

Perhaps you can relate, or you’re thinking right now of someone who can. You see…I had all the world told us to go after; sitting pretty in the palm of my hands–success, beauty, money, popularity, family and love–yet there I was, empty. Broken. Lost.

But today. Today, I am perfectly imperfect. Better than ever. Better than I would be, had I not walked a splintered road. I have been loved back to life. Now. Living on purpose for a purpose. Put together; and found. Experiencing wonders beyond expression, as I always imagined one should. As I imagine you shall.

That beautiful girl beside me; that’s my precious daughter and my miracle baby. She is ever so-special to me. It’s not uncommon to catch us together. Where one goes, so goes the other.

Life has not been easy for the two of us, but it has been worth every ounce of difficult.

I didn’t always know I was loved.

I make mention of this because it was my search for such that led to many poor choices while looking in all the wrong places. Love has been the motivator behind every good and bad decision I’ve made. Life is far different from what I imagined–and dreamed–it would be. It’s extraordinary.

If you’ve found your path crossing with mine, I’m going to make a reasonable guess you’re searching for something. Whatever YOUR something fabulous is; I’m thankful. Keep pressing on, beloved. There is no such thing as coincidences; only GODCIDENCES.

It is not a mistake you are here. Nothing is wasted. Everything has a purpose. Even this.

Take my hand. Let us connect and journey this crazy venture together, shall we.


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